Panther Servo Drive

The Panther is a new addition to Elmo’s ExtrIQ product suite – intelligent digital servo drives for sinusoidal, trapezoidal and DC motors that are designed to operate under extreme environmental conditions.

This servo drive is PCB-mounted and it provides top performance, coupled with intelligent networking capabilities in a high level programming environment.

A Feature-rich Solution

The Panther is truly feature-rich, combining high power density, programming flexibility, CANopen networking and numerous motion control features, resulting in a very effective solution for a wide variety of challenging applications.

There are two single DC bus options: 50 – 400 VDC and 100 – 700 VDC, with a built-in smart supply for controlling the back-up capabilities. The Panther can also operate with a 24 VDC auxiliary power supply for the back-up features.

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