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Spare Stock

Need a part quickly? If we've got it in stock, we can supply it! Take a look below at our full list of products that we currently have in stock.

If you require further information on any of the below products, please call us on +44 (0) 1403 792 300 or send an email to sales@heason.com.

Heason Part # Supplier Description Supplier Part # Quantity Enquire Now
227-08117 Elmo Hornet 5/100 R, Position Controller HOR-5/100R 3 Enquire Now
227-08294 Elmo Evaluation Board G-TWI CAN-RS232 100V EVA-GTWI100CAN 4 Enquire Now
227-08431 Elmo Elmo Gold DC Whistle Drive 20A 100VDC with resolver feedback G-DCWHI20/100ER 5 Enquire Now
227-08118 Elmo Gold DC Bell 5A/100V CAN Encoder G-DCBEL5/100SE 1 Enquire Now
227-08372 Elmo Gold Twitter 6A/100V RS232 + CAN ENC G-TWI6/100SE 2 Enquire Now
227-08220 Elmo Trombone 8A/800V RES 24V AUX PLC TRO-8/800RS 1 Enquire Now
227-08038 Kollmorgen AKD Series Brushless Servo Drive, rated 3.0 A continuous 120/240 Vac 1 phase or 3 phase AKD-P00306-NBEC-0000 1 Enquire Now
227-08068 Kollmorgen AKD Series Brushless Servo Drive, rated 6.0 A continuous 480 Vac 3 phase AKD-P00607-NBCC-E000 1 Enquire Now
227-08662 Kollmorgen 12.1'' Graphical Touch Operator Panel, TFT-LCD, IPC based AKI-CDC-MOD-12T 1 Enquire Now
227-08335 Kollmorgen AKD-N 12 Amp Decentralised Servo Drive - EtherCAT, Dual Cable, STO AKD-N01207-DSEC 3 Enquire Now
200-04407 Thomson NemaTRUE, Size 23, 10:1, AKM2xx-Axxx NT23-010-0-RM060-6 1 Enquire Now
200-04474 Thomson RM-060-19 RediMount RM-060-19 1 Enquire Now