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Zero Backlash Gearboxes

A Zero Backlash Gearbox is a very high precision reduction gearbox. They are very well suited to demanding applications and offer great torque to weight ratios. They are also well known for their high precision and high linearity.

Backlash is a term often used in automation, but the exact meaning can differ slightly from product to product.When discussing gears, the backlash is the amount of space between two gears where the teeth meet. This gap is essential for gears to fit together without the risk of getting stuck. However, this gap can also cause significant motion loss, resulting in a gearbox with ‘play’ and positional errors.

Zero backlash gearboxes are manufactured in such a way that there is no reliance on conventional teeth to teeth contact and so this gap can be eliminated. The result is an efficient gearbox with no loss of movement when the direction is changed.

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