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Stepper Motors

Stepper Motors, also known as step motors or stepping motors, are brushless DC motors that offer precise position and supreme holding torque.

Stepper motors move in discrete steps and come in a variety of sizes, styles and electrical characteristics. The rotor of a stepper motor rotates in steps, hence why they are called stepper motors.  The parts of the rotor will be either repelled away from the magnet or drawn towards it, as the electro-magnets in the stator are switched off and on. An open loop controller can be used due to the use of stepping technology; this simplifies the machine design, making the cost of the system lower than that of a servo motor.

With stepper motors from Heason Technology, motion control becomes fast, precise and extremely cost effective. The two-phase motors we have can move at exactly 1.8° increments, which amount to 200 steps per revolution. Heason also have micro stepper drives, which break the 1.8° increments into even smaller steps.

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