Slip Rings

Slip Rings are a type of electro-mechanical device which can transmit power, electrical signals or data between a component which is stationary or fixed and a component which is rotating. Depending on the application, slip rings have different features to ensure they are well suited for the job in hand. Slip rings are sometimes referred to as rotary electrical joints, collector rings or electrical swivels

Slip Rings are used within applications where there is unrestrained, intermittent or continuous rotation and power or data needs to be transmitted. Slip rings are used to improve the mechanical performance of a system or to simplify the operation. They are also used as a way of eliminating the messy and interfering wires which may be present when using other types of components which require rotation.

We have a wide range of slip rings available from our supplier Servotecnica. We have standard slip rings and customisable slip rings which are designed to deliver a flexible, cost effective, high quality and reliable solution. We have a range of sizes to suit applications where space is tight.