Pancake Motors

AST Pancake Motors utilise a flat disc armature to offer an ultra-flat motor. Due to their unique design, Pancake Motors differ from conventional DC servo motors, enabling them to deliver a more concentrated level of performance in both motion and continuous speed applications that cannot be achieved by using conventional iron-core motors. Their compact form factor enables quick acceleration, deceleration and direction changes, with the low-voltage DC design allowing operation with simple drive electronics and a basic power source.

Pancake motors range from 4.3 to 9.05 inches in diameter and continuous torque ratings from 51 oz/in to 453 oz/in. These low Inertia DC servo motors have a long brush life and extremely good speeds. A variety of motor options allows you to tailor the motors to meet your specific needs. Two options include the CD Series and KN Series.

CD Series Pancake Motors

Heason Technology can offer 9/12 CD and 16 CD Series Motors. These series of pancake motors all utilise flat motor technology. 9/12 CD motors have continuous torque ratings up to 135 oz/in, operate up to 4000 rpm and have an integral tachometer as an option. They are also prepared for optical encoder mounting. 16 CD motors have an industrial grade housing for rugged applications, have a continuous torque of up to 30 in/lbs and operate up to 4000 rpm. They come with tachometer, encoder and brake options.

KN Series Pancake Motors

The KN series motors are high precision motors with an ultra-thin design and a continuous torque rating of up to 460 oz/in. They have integral tachometers and can be prepared for optical encoder mounting as options.

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