Elmo Extra IQ – Gold Solo Hornet

The Gold Solo Hornet is an advanced, integrated high power density servo drive that weighs only 106 g (3.74 oz) and delivers up to 1.6 kW of continuous power and 3.2 kW of peak power. It is designed to operate under extremeenvironmental conditions.

Gold Solo Hornet provides top servo performance, distributed networking and built-in safety, all in a compact, ready-to-use package. A fully featured motion controller with local intelligence, Gold Solo Hornet is powered by a single 12 V – 95 V isolated DC power source. The drive can operate as a stand-alone device or as part of a multi-axis system in a distributed configuration in a real-time network.

Elmo offers an integrated solution designed to simply and efficiently connect Elmo’s Gold Hornet servo drive directly to the application. The solution combines Gold Hornet with a connection interface that reduces or even eliminates development time and resources in designing an application’s PCB board.

Gold Solo Hornet is easy to set up and tune using Elmo Application Studio (EAS) software tools. A member of the Gold product line, it is fully programmable with the efficient and easy-to-learn Elmo motion-control language.

Gold Solo Hornet is available in a variety of options including: multiple power-rating options, two communications options –Standard (S suffix in the part number) or EtherCAT (E suffix in the part number)—and a variety of feedback selections and I/O configurations to perfectly match the application.

Mating Power SupplyELP-30.

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