Capsule Slip Rings

Capsule Slip Rings have a compact, non through-hole design, with a diameter of 12 to 45mm and featuring three to 56 circuits. The gold-gold technology, applied to the brushes and to the rings, ensures the transfer of high frequency signals as well as fieldbus transfers with a bandwidth of up to 1G. Capsule slip rings have been designed keeping signal transmission optimisation, compactness and reliability in mind.

Thanks to the reduced diameter of a capsule slip ring, it guarantees a low peripheral speed between rings and brushes, therefore reducing material consumption. This also enhances its lifetime and minimise electrical noise and interferences between rings.

Capsule Slip Rings are used in applications including:  

  • Video surveillance systems
  • Moving head projectors
  • Packaging
  • Hose and Cables Reels
  • Wind Turbines
  • Control Systems
  • Medical and pharmaceutical industry

Benefits of a Capsule Slip Ring include:

  • Optimal signal transmission
  • RF: 3GHz/3Gbps option
  • Coax cables option
  • Compact
  • Light
  • Many customisations
  • High circuits density
  • Combinable with fluidic rotary joints and FORJ
  • Water resistant
  • Cost-effective

The SVTS A&B Series with RF options, available from Heason Technology, are examples of Capsule Slip Rings.

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