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Lead Screws

Lead screws, also known as a power screw, are used in motion control to translate turning or rotating movements into a linear motion. They are bars of metal with a thread, similar to a traditional screw. Lead screws rotate, causing the nut to move along the screw in a linear motion.

Lead screws from Heason offer a smooth and precise solution for linear motion requirements, as well as being cost-effective. They are accurate to 0.003in/ft and the PTFE coating process that our lead screws are exposed to means that they have less drag torque and will last longer. Choose from plastic nut assemblies in either anti-backlash or super-nut designs which all use an internally lubricated acetal. This provides excellent lubricity and wear resistance weather additional lubrication is used or not.

We can provide assemblies with high axial stiffness, zero backlash and minimum drag torque to reduce motor requirements; using these products means your system will cost less, perform better and last longer, making them great value for money. Heason also has bronze nuts available if you have a significantly higher load, providing the support needed for high capacity loads and a good PV performance.

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