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Screw Jacks

Screw jacks are devices that are used to convert rotational movements into linear motion, incorporating a lead screw or ball screw to help aid this conversion. They are ideal for applications that require lifting, lowering, tipping, moving or holding.

The high-reliability and synchronisation of a screw jack makes them ideally suited to a wide variety of uses that alternative methods of handling cannot achieve. They can also be used as an alternative to conventional pneumatic and hydraulic systems and are well suited to industry sectors including:

  • Steel works equipment
  • Water processing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical & Laboratory equipment
  • Packaging equipment
  • Nuclear & Aerospace
  • General mechanical handling

An advantage of using screw jacks over other types of jack is that they are self-locking. This means that when the rotational force on the screw is removed it will remain motionless and will not rotate backwards, regardless of how much load it is supporting. This makes screw jacks much safer than compared to hydraulic jacks for example, which will move backwards under load if the force on the hydraulic actuator is accidentally released.

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