Elmo Extra IQ – Gold Panther

Designed, qualified, verified, manufactured and tested to withstand Extreme Environments

The Gold Panther – Gold Line intelligent servo drives – is designed to operate “Direct to Mains” from a high voltage DC power supply of up to 400 VDC or up to 780 VDC, without the need for a transformer.

The Gold Panther meets the highest level of motion control application at extreme environmental conditions, providing top servo performance, advanced networking, built-in safety and high power density, combined with a fully featured motion controller and local intelligence and built-in safety, all in a very small very efficient package.

The Gold Panther is designed to operate under extreme environmental conditions.

Weighing only 300 g , the Gold Panther operates on DC power as a standalone device, or as part of a multi-axis system in a distributed configuration on a real-time network.

Like allGold Line products, it is easily configured and tuned using theElmo Application Studio (EAS) software environment and is fully programmable with the Elmo motion control language.

The Gold Panther is available in a variety of models with multiple power rating options, multiple communication options, feedback options and I/O configuration possibilities.

Mating Power Supply ELP-30.

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