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Heason Technology has partnered with a selection of global suppliers over the past 30 years. Each supplier provides us with the specialist products, knowledge and training required in order for us to fully support our customers with the most demanding of motion control applications.

As a partner for ABB in the UK, Heason Technology are able to supply motion control products ranging from servo motors, generators, servo drives, HMI and mulit-axis controllers. ABB's range of motion products and machine control solutions are suitable for industrial applications such as labelling, packaging, bottling, pick and place, laser cutting, cut-to-length, vertical fill form sealing, water jet cutting, flying sheer and high-speed rotary wrappers.

Heason Technology is a UK partner and distributor of Allied Motion products for the motion control industry. Allied Motion is a globally recognised company designing, manufacturing and selling precision motion control components and systems for the aerospace and defense, automation and robotics, medical and automotive industries.

Heason Technology is a UK partner for AST products, supplying pancake servo motors for a range of applications. AST provide innovative flat motors with unique technologies and superior performance. They specialise in compact motors which offer smooth speed control over RPM ranges.

With over 30 years of motion control experience, Heason is the leading UK distributor of Delta Tau motion controllers in the UK. Delta Tau is a global developer and manufacturer of high performance, cost-effective and easy to use motion controllers. Their commitment to continuously developing next-generation technology means that customers receive high quality, cost-effective and easy to use products.

Heason Technology is a UK partner for the supply and distribution of Elmo servo drives, servo motors advanced network motion controllers, offering the skills and experience to support our customers with the integration of these components into motion control systems. 

Our close relationship and expertise makes us an ideal partner for Heidenhain Encoders in the UK. We supply a range of Encoders as components or part of a specified motion control application especially for the industrial and electronics manufacturing industries.

Heason Technology has represented Hephaist as a UK distribution partner for a number of years, offering a range of Spherical Rolling Joints suitable for Hexapod applications or the simulation and robotics industries.

Heason Technology is a leading UK Certified Partner and Silver-status supplier of Kollmorgen servo motors and drives. Kollmorgen is a global provider of industrial automation systems and motion control products. With over 100 years of motion control experience, their product solutions offer unmatched performance, reliability and ease-of-use. 

Heason Technology is a distributor of Novanta IMS in the UK. Novanta IMS is a manufacturer of motion control components for automation equipment. The company is a proven leader in innovative motion control solutions for stepper motors and electronic controls and the world leader in integrated motor drives with the MDrive product line.

Servotecnica products are supported and distributed within the UK exclusively by Heason Technology. Servotecnica is an established distributor and systems integrator, offering all-round services and solutions from product selection through to software development.

Heason Technology is distributor of SPINEA reduction gears in the UK. Their products are suitable for applications requiring high reduction-gear ratio, high kinematic precision, zero-backlash motion, high torque capacity, high rigidity, compact design in a limited installation space as well as low weight.

Heason Technology is a leading distributor for Thomson Linear in the UK. Our close relationship and high level of expertise makes us an ideal partner for sourcing the best Thomson Linear components for your application.

Heason Technology has represented Zettlex as a UK distributor of position sensors since 2014. Headquartered from Cambridge UK, Zettlex is a global technology company which specialises in inductive sensors used to measure position or speed accurately in harsh environments.