Servo Motors

A servo motor is another common type of motor. These are well suited to precision velocity and positioning applications. They can be described as rotary actuators which allow for precise control of angular position. A stepper motor consists of a motor which is coupled to a sensor to provide position feedback. A servo drive, also available from Heason, is required to complete the system, we have a rage of servo drives which are compatible with our servo motors. The servo drive will use the feedback sensor to accurately control the rotary position of the motor. This is known as a closed-loop operation which allows servo motors to provide a high performance alternative to either stepper or AC induction motors.

Our range of servo motors suit many different types of environments; wash-down environments for food and beverage industries, environments which are explosion proof found in oil and gas or even environments which have extreme temperatures. Contact us to help you select the right servo motor to suit you.

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