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NEW EASII 2.2 Update from Elmo Motion Control

Elmo Motion Control recently announced the release of their EASII Elmo Application Studio 2.2 update.

This is the 2nd generation of the advanced wizard-based tuning tool which provides a flexible, smart, user-friendly and easy motion-programming environ.

Features of the new EASII 2.2

Now featuring a much more simple design with new and upgraded features this new-look version offers an intuitive interface built to simplify complex motion control programming..

New features include:

  • New Error Mapping Tool Additions: Parameter Locking, Freely Defined Experiment Points, and Drive Table with Modulo.
  • ECAM Table Editor: Design, simulate and activate multiple ECAM paths in parallel using Maestro curving algorithms.
  • EtherCAT Configuration Tool Changes: Full device information, Gold/Platinum Maestro indication, option to automatically disconnect from both G-MAS and Gateway devices.
  • Move and Settle Experiment Tool: Defines and runs complete system axes experiments, including the testing of settling times of the axes in the system.
  • Output Care:  Ability to trigger digital output based on an exact position. Also able to define and activate output compare mechanism in the drive.
  • Cogging Compensation: Reducing motor periodic disturbances

How will EASII 2.2 benefit our customers?

EASII configures programmes and analyses each feature and capability in Elmo’s Servo Drives and Maestro Motion Controllers, which are available from our portfolio. EASII tunes, configures, tests, records, analyses, programmes and optimises motion sequences.

The hardware and software integration demands software usability to give motion designers the ability to translate specific motion control needs quickly and simply.

In addition to these benefits Elmo also have a number of tutorials, guides and exercises to help you to use the EASII application studio.

Downloading the EASII 2.2 update

The EASII application studio can be downloaded directly from Elmo Motion Control’s website. It is a really simple process – simply click this link and the Elmo download page will appear, then log in on the right hand side of the page or register as a new user. Once registered you will have access to this download a long with a number of other software/firmware downloads available including:

  • New Firmware & Boot Release for Elmo Gold Servo Drives
  • Firmware Release for the Elmo Gold Maestro (G-MAS)
  • Our Partnership with Elmo

We are a UK distributor and systems integrator of Elmo Motion Control products. With over 30 years of motion control experience our team of specialist have the knowledge and expertise to help you with your system requirements.

Our serviced markets include Aerospace and Defence, Printing, Micro-Machining, Semiconductor, Medical, Photonics, Automotive, Research and Development, and Industrial Automation.

Click here to look at the range of Elmo Servo Drives and Motion Controllers we have available, although this list is not exhaustive.

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Article published on: 18/05/2016