Gold Lion Motion Controller from Elmo Motion Control

The Gold Lion is a network-based, multi-axis motion controller that operates in conjunctionwith Elmo’s ExtrIQ Line to provide the most comprehensive and advanced control system that is verified andqualified to operate in extreme environmental conditions. This motion controller is based on the most advanced, easy to use and cost effective distributed motion controlarchitecture which enables the motion processing tasks to be shared between the controller and the servo drives. It contains a rich feature set that combines sophisticated motion control andadvanced communications with full programming capabilities.

The Gold Lion uses standard protocols over its various communications channels, combined with IEC and Cprogramming and the PLCopen motion interface. The host communication is over anEthernet or USB network whereas communication with the devices is via EtherCATor CANopen. Elmoimplements protocols “by the book” to enable interoperability with other compatible devices,increase network efficiency and reduceimplementation time.

The Gold Lion is designed to be embedded on a board within the motion control application.

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