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PMAC2A PC104 Motion Controller

PMAC2A PC104 Motion Controller

The PMAC2A PC/104 provides up to 8 axes of control in the smallest form factor that Delta Tau offers, capable of Filtered PWM output, using the PMAC2 CPU.


  • 40 MHz DSP563xx CPU (OPT-5AF 80 MHz 560xx equivalent)
  • 128K x 24 internal zero-wait-state SRAM
  • 512K x 8 flash memory for user backup and firmware
  • Latest released firmware version
  • RS-232 serial interface
  • 4 channels axis interface circuitry, each including:
    -12-bit +/-10V analog output
    -Pulse-&-direction digital output
    -Quadrature encoder inputs A, B, C, channels with differential/single-ended drivers
    -4 input flags, 2 output flags at TTL levels
    -3 PWM top-and-bottom pairs (unbuffered)
    -50-pin IDC header for amplifier/encoder interface
    -34-pin IDC header for flag interface
    -PID/notch/feedforward servo algorithms

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