Geo Brick LV Motion Controller

Geo Brick LV Motion Controller

The absence of analog signals – required for typical motion controller/drive interfacing – enables higher gains, better overall performance and tighter integration, while significantly decreasing costs and setup time. The Geo Brick LV’s embedded 32-axis Turbo PMAC2 motion controller is programmable for virtually any kind of motion control application. The built-in software PLCs allow for complete machine logic control.

The Geo Brick LV supports the following types of motors: Three-Phase DC Brushless, servo, synchronous rotary/linear; DC Brush; 2-Phase Stepper. The Geo Brick LV also supports the following feedback types: Digital A Quad B; SSI; EnDat 2.2; BiSS B/C; HiperFace; Tamagawa; Panasonic; Sinusoidal; Resolver; Interferometers: Sinusoidal and Parallel; LVDTs, RVDTs, MLDts; Potentiometers.

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