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Turbo PMAC2A PC104 Motion Controller

Turbo PMAC2A PC104 Motion Controller

The Turbo PMAC2A PC/104 provides up to 12 axes of control in the smallest form factor that Delta Tau offers, capable of using True DAC, Direct PWM, Filtered PWM, and PFM output control signals. This product uses the Turbo PMAC2 CPU.


  • 40 MHz DSP563xx CPU (OPT-5AF 80 MHz 560xx equivalent)
  • 128K x 24 internal zero-wait-state SRAM
  • 512K x 8 flash memory for user backup and firmware
  • Latest released firmware version
  • RS-232 serial interface
  • 3 PWM top-and-bottom pairs (unbuffered)
  • 50-pin IDC header for amplifier/encoder interface
  • 34-pin IDC header for flag interface
  • PID/notch/feedforward servo algorithms

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