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TwinSpin G Series Spinea Zero Backlash Gear

TwinSpin G Series Spinea Zero Backlash Gear

Spinea's TwinSpin G Series Zero Backlash Gears high precision reduction gears include a new design of the main bearing and improved performance, even for the most demanding applications. 

Results have been collated over several years during the development of the reduction gear’s design, together with the implementation of the latest processes and technologies.

Futher improvements introduced with the G series brings further friction reduction in transmissinon mechanism, lower hysteresis and lower settings of lost motion, especially in smaller sizez. With the G series new sizes of reducers, introduced in standard and hollowshaft design, broadens the portfolio and application range of the TwinSpin reducers. It comes in two variants, with sealed output only or as a fully sealed gear for direct connection with
a motor.


  •  high tilting stiffness
  •  low friction
  •  high precision output bearing
  •  high torque density
  •  reduced lost motion settings
  •  high torque overload capacity

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