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TwinSpin H Series Spinea Zero Backlash Gear

TwinSpin H Series Spinea Zero Backlash Gear

Spinea's TwinSpin H Series incorporates high precision reduction gears characterised by through-holes in the shafts, also known as hollow-shaft version. These holes allow for cables, drive shafts and tubes with compressed air to be led into the shaft of the gear.

Other features of this clever design include excellent positioning accuracy and positioning repeatability, high reduction ratios plus easy assembly. Consisting of an accurate reduction mechanism and high-capacity radial and axial cylindrical bearings, these "H" Series reduction gears allow the mounting of a load directly onto the output flange, or case, without needing additional bearings. 

The H Series range of gears are also completely sealed and filled with grease for the duration of their lifetime.


  •  large input shaft diameter
  •  fully sealed
  •  zero backlash reduction gears
  •  high moment capacity
  •  excellent positioning accuracy and positioning repeatibility
  •  high torsional and tilting stiffness
  •  small dimensions and weight
  •  high reduction ratios
  •  high effeciency
  •  long lifetime
  •  easy assembly

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