Allied Motion

Heason Technology is a UK partner and distributor of Allied Motion products for the motion control industry. Allied Motion is a globally recognised company designing, manufacturing and selling precision motion control components and systems for the aerospace and defense, automation and robotics, medical and automotive industries.

Their products and solutions support a wide variety of applications in these markets and include brush and brushless DC motors, brushless servo and torque motors, coreless DC motors, integrated brushless motor-drives, gearmotors, gearing, modular digital servo drives, motion controllers, incremental and absolute optical encoders, and associated motion control-related products.

Allied Motion was established in 1962 and operates in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia. The company is well known world wide for its expertise in electro-magnetic, mechanical and electronic motion technology. 

Allied Motion is the parent company for several operating units throughout the world, all now referred to as Allied Motion, however also know as:

  • Emoteq
  • Computer Optical Products
  • Agile Systems
  • Globe Motors
  • Heidrive
  • Motor Products
  • Ostergrens Elmotor
  • Premotec
  • Stature Electric [Watertown]

Allied Motion's wide range of products are supplied in the UK by Heason Technology. 

Take a look below at the portfolio of Allied Motion products Heason Technology can offer. If you’d like more information, call us on +44 (0) 1403 792 300 or email