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Heason Technology has represented Zettlex as a UK distributor of position sensors since 2014. Headquartered from Cambridge UK, Zettlex is a global technology company which specialises in inductive sensors used to measure position or speed accurately in harsh environments.

Zettlex use a unique, non-contact technology and may also be considered as absolute inductive encoders. Similar to a transformer, Zettlex sensors employ printed circuits rather than the bulky wound constructions of traditional inductive sensors. This enables compact, accurate, lightweight and robust position sensors that do not require contacts, bearings, delicate parts or maintenance.

The basic position sensing principles are similar to traditional inductive proximity switches or measuring transformers but rather than wire windings or spools, Zettlex position sensors use printed circuit boards (PCBs). 

Advantages of Zettlex inductive position sensing technology include:-

  • High accuracy
  • Stability irrespective of environmental conditions
  • Measurement performance largely independent of installation tolerances
  • Insensitivity to foreign matter
  • Compact size
  • Lightweight
  • Ability to sense over a wide range of geometries
  • No need for bearings, bushes or seals

Zettlex IncOders can also be used to measure weight, vibration, strain, shock, tilt, pressure and even temperature (by expansion). The use of PCBs means that a bespoke shape or size of sensor is readily engineered to suit a specific application – especially for OEMs. 

Zettlex sensors are most frequently used as part of a control system to measure absolute linear position or angle (single turn or multi-turn). Measurement ranges vary greatly – from 0,1mm to 10m and topologies include rotary, linear, 2D, 3D etc.