SVTS D Series Slip Rings

SVTS D Series Slip Rings

SVTS D Series Slip Rings are suitable for transmission of signals, video signals, field buses and currents over 50A. They are used in extremely hostile environments and have a high protection grade IP65 and stainless steel housing. Many standard configurations and customised versions are available.

Makes use of a special technology allowing to get multiple contact points between brushes and rings, low contact electric resistance and reduced electric noise.

  • Mod. SVTS D 01 (SRT1075): 75 mm external diameter: up to 48 circuits
  • Mod. SVTS D 02 (SRT2087): 87 mm external diameter: up to 96 circuits

Features include:

  • Housing: stainless steel
  • Current: 15 A
  • Power supply: 400 Vac/dc
  • Protection: IP65

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