ABB BSM C-Series Servo Motor

The BSM C-series has as standard, a higher inertia compared to other ABB brushless motors, thus providing an excellent match for equipment requiring higher inertial matching for the machine. The goal of this series design was to increase torque while reducing package size. The result was a torque increase of up to 50% in some models, with a package reduction of up to 50mm (2 inches).

The BSM C-series provides continuous stall torques ranging from 1.2 N-m (10 Lb-In) to 30 N-m (265 Lb-In). Peak torques are 3 times continuous. The C-Series provides an economical package best used in applications with higher load inertias.The rotor is a time proven quality design – the reliability has been proven in numerous worldwide applications. 

The BSM C-series Servo Motors are used in demanding applications including: 

  • Moving webs
  • Machine tools
  • Packaging/food packaging
  • Factory automation
  • Material handling
  • Printing converting
  • Food packaging
  • Assembly lines

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