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KN Series Pancake Servo Motor

KN Series Pancake Servo Motor

The AST KN Series Pancake Servo Motors utilise a flat armature technology. These motors are high precision products that have an ultra thin design and have a continuous torque rating up to 460 oz in.

The KN series motors have integral tachometers and can be prepared for optical encoder mounting as options.


  • Compact axial length, optimal torque/weight ratio possible in a high performance dc servo motor
  • With NdFeB magnet material
  • 0,13... 3,2 Nm (43... 1.000 W)
  • Nominal speed up to 5.000 rpm
  • For high-dynamic applications and/or exact regulations at large speed range
  • Zero cogging for smooth operation, even at crawling speed
  • Available with integrated tacho, optical encoder, failsafe brake and precision gearhead

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