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TwinSpin Reduction Gears for navigation and surveillance

TwinSpin reduction gears are a unique solution for the aeronautical industry applications such as navigation equipment, and surveillance and camera systems. The term “TwinSpin" indicates the full integration of a high precision trochoidal reduction gear and a radial-axial bearing in a single unit.

This new transmission concept allows the use of the TwinSpin reduction gear directly in robot joints, rotary tables, and wheel gears in various transport systems.

TwinSpin high precision reduction gears are designed for applications requiring:

  • High reduction ratio
  • High kinematic accuracy
  • Low lost motion
  • High load capacity
  • High stiffness
  • Compact design with small installation space requirement
  • Low mass

This makes them ideal for navigation equipment applications, and surveillance and camera systems.

Navigation equipment

TwinSpin reducers are an ideal solution for navigation applications such as radar antennas and satellites. These types of applications demand high torsional stiffness, low no-load starting torque, high-position repeatability and positioning.

It is important to have a reducer with very low angular transmission error. These characteristic requirements are common for many complex positioning systems.

TwinSpin reducers are also maintenance free and have a long lifetime of operation in harsh environments. Not only do they add precision and reliability, TwinSpin reducers also bring the added benefit of their compact design. The advantage of having the radial-axis bearings integrated inside the reducer means that they can save on building space, assembly time, number of components required and the overall costs.

Surveillance and camera systems

Another example of where the TwinSpin characteristics are perfect is in the pan and tilt axis movement on a camera drive. The hollow shaft inside the reducer can be used for the transfer of the camera and servo motor cable.

Many surveillance and camera systems require a smooth output motion with a very low torque ripple and low angular transmission error. They often require low noise levels and position accuracy making the TwinSpin reducer the ideal solution. The radial-axial bearings integrated inside the reducer provide the load and tilting capabilities that result in a stable and rigid camera system.

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Article published on: 17/12/2018

Article last updated on: 17/12/2018