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Servo Motor Applications

A servo motor is a self-contained component comprising a brushless rotary electric motor and a rotational feedback device. It is used as part of a closed loop motion control system where rotary speed and position, as well as output torque, can be precisely controlled.

To this end, Servo motors are well suited to a wide range of applications:-

Servo Motor Applications

Servo motors are used throughout a wide range of industries for different applications. They can be used to replace conventional AC motors, stepper motors and hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Some of their uses are:

Machine Tools – Where high accuracy is required servo motors are a popular choice for Machine tool applications.

Conveyer and Handling Systems - Servo Motors are often selected for their high speed, high accuracy and torque.

Robotics Applications – Servo motors not only have the high accuracy, power and speed required for robotics applications but also have the advantage of low weight and small size making them perfect for the industry.

Simulation Applications – Servo motors are favourable for their speed, torque and smoothness.

Antenna Positioning Systems – Servo motors can provide the high torque and very high accuracy which are vital to these applications.

Printing Press – Servo motors are used in the printing press, they offer high accuracy and speed. They are highly reliable and low cost making them a suitable choice.

Defence Applications – One of the more demanding applications areas for servo motors, they must ensure high performance is delivered through high shock loads and high temperatures are present.

Food and Beverage Applications – Another harsh environment for servo motors. They are suitable for use in washdown environments with constant temperature changes.

Subsea and Oil & Gas Applications - Within this environment servo motors are exposed to high pressure, high temperatures and may have explosion proof requirements.  

Benefits of Using a Servo Motor

Servo motors are highly efficient and reliable; they offer high accuracy and can withstand harsh environmental conditions. Other benefits include;

  • Quiet operation
  • High acceleration
  • Smooth running
  • Small in size
  • High output power relative to device size
  • Closed-loop control
  • High ratio of torque to inertia

Servo Motors from Heason

Here at Heason Technology, we have a range of servo motors to cover any application in different types of harsh and extreme environments.

Our range of servo motors come from our suppliers Kollmorgen and ABB, browse our full range – if you would like more information on any of our servo motors please contact us.

We also have a selection of compatible servo and stepper drives ensuring high quality results even in the most demanding applications.

If you have an application which requires a servo motor please contact us and we can help with your selection.

Article published on: 21/07/2020

Article last updated on: 21/07/2020