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Kollmorgen's PCMM provides high performance multi-axis motion and machine control with EtherCAT

Kollmorgen's PCMM is an EtherCAT master-enabled high-performance motion and machine controller offering up to 32 axes of tightly synchronised path and I/O control with the capability for 64 axes of coordinated motion and device control.

Available in the UK with full support from Heason Technology – a Kollmorgen Certified Channel Partner - the PCMM features seamless interfacing with Kollmorgen AKD® series servo drives and AKM® servo motors. With an on-board IEC 61131-3 PLC and with programming and set-up through the Kollmorgen Automation Suite’s (KAS), the PCMM’s flexibility and scalability equally extends to use on small low-axis count machines or large scale manufacturing lines offering a cost-effective alternative to expensive and complex IPCs

A choice of easily set-up communication options for higher-level networks or to interface with host PLCs or PCs include TCP/IP, Modbus TCP, Ethernet/IP or ProfiNet. A choice of 800 Mhz or 1.2 GHz CPUs offer cost flexibility for standard or high-performance motion systems. The 1.2 GHz processor option offers a cycle time as low as 250 μs for up to 16 axes of deterministic motion. The compact panel mount PCMM includes 64 Mb flash memory and a removable SD memory card for program expansion and configuration. The motion controller includes a complement of six digital inputs and two digital outputs with support for further I/O expansion via EtherCAT compatible modules. An integrated web server is available for remote diagnostics, maintenance and status queries.

Kollmorgen’s KAS machine automation platform is designed and continually developed for high-performance machine automation applications where complex motion and I/O devices need to interact with perfect synchronisation. KAS provides high-performance IEC 61131-3 PLC programming for all five languages and motion programming with PLCopen or Kollmorgen’s intuitive Pipe Network® graphical programming environment which features drag-and-drop functionality. The KAS is plug-and-play compatible with Kollmorgen’s comprehensive range of motion control solutions and the integrated AKD® Workbench provides simple and fast drive commissioning and tuning. A multichannel digital scope aids machine verification and troubleshooting whilst a one-click simulation facility offers software test and validation. These features combine for a completely integrated development environment with sophisticated control algorithms that optimise high-speed machine performance, enabling a higher machine bandwidth for greater throughput as well as rapid machine commissioning. The PCMM package also include Kollmorgen KVB software for programming its AKI series HMI panels.

Heason Technology provides full support for the PCMM motion controller along with Kollmorgen’s full line of motion control components and systems as part of the global manufacturer’s Premier Partner programme. Heason Technology’s own in-house design and system integration service combines such components as part of bespoke motion systems for high precision positioning and automation applications across industry and research. 

Article published on: 30/05/2017

Article last updated on: 30/05/2017