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EtherCAT compliant servo drives

Compliance with industry protocols, like EtherCAT and standards such as Safety and EMC, is mandatory to guarantee reliable operation of any industrial equipment. Choosing an EtherCAT compliant servo drive can provide engineers with huge advantages, such as the capacity for different computer systems to operate together.

What is EtherCAT?

EtherCAT is an Ethernet-based fieldbus system which is suitable for Control Automation Technology. It was introduced in 2003 to develop the adaption of Ethernet to automation applications which required short data update times and cycle times.

It is a protocol that is developing rapidly and operated at high speed and efficiency. EtherCAT also offers flexibility in topology with exceptional synchronisation.

What are the advantages of EtherCAT compliant Servo Drives?

EtherCAT is spreading at a much faster rate than any other fieldbus system. The strength of EtherCAT synchronisation techniques allows it to be compatible with both low and high demanding applications. Combined with the correct implementation of both the network protocol and device profile, a true distributed motion control can be available. 

Other advantages include:

  • Fast and simple integration with any other compliance product
  • Efficient and reliable operation of the network
  • Fast communication transportation
  • High levels of synchronisation for optimal multi-axis applications
  • An “open” network for adding, omitting, replacing and upgrading nodes of any compliant product
  • Compatibility with future compliant products and solution

Typical EtherCAT Applications

  • Renewable Energy
  • Wafaer Handling Robots
  • XYZ Wafer Inspection Systems
  • Autonomous Robots
  • Military applications for turret control

EtherCAT is currently the fastest growing open protocol in the motion control industry. It answers your needs for a motion solution and cuts costs overall.

Elmo Motion Control’s range of Servo Drives, available from Heason Technology, are EtherCAT compliant and designed for a range of applications that require extreme precision, high dynamics and low-speed processing combined with rapid movements. They are also easy to configure, install and tune to specialist EASII windows-based software.

Here at Heason, we can provide extensive design and manufacturing capabilities allowing us to help you integrate a servo drive into your application.

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Article published on: 28/09/2017

Article last updated on: 28/09/2017