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Press Release

Variohm Group expands with acquisition of magnetic encoder specialist Phoenix America

The Variohm Holdings Group of Companies has recently added Phoenix America., to it’s Group of companies

Phoenix America are a leading magnetic encoder and magnetic sensor solutions specialist. Based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Phoenix America is a pioneer designer, developer and manufacturer of high-resolution magnetic encoder and sensor technologies offering a comprehensive range of cost-effective absolute and incremental encoders, speed and proximity sensors, custom molded magnets and more. The acquisition provides significant opportunities for both parties: a European marketing platform for Phoenix America and for the five European-based members of the Variohm Group, a USA sales and support channel for its various sensor, measurement and motion control solutions businesses.

Phoenix America was founded in 2000 after purchasing selected assets from the then leader in bonded magnet technologies for the disk drive industry, Xolox Inc. Consolidating its position as a USA market leader for non-contacting, highly robust magnetic sensors over these past twenty years through research and design innovation, the product range now spans several types of rotary encoder and sensor technologies including Hall Effect, GMR, AMR, Magnetoresisitive, reed switch and more. With its expertise centred on the magnetic compounds and magnetic targets as well as the final product design, the range offers specific cost and performance benefits for a wide variety of position feedback and measurement applications including servo motion control, flow sensing, renewable energy systems, textiles and paper processing, robotics and more.

In addition to the non-contacting nature of its magnetic sensor technologies, Phoenix America’s high resolution and high accuracy encoders rely only on the proximity of separate magnet and sensor electronics components - and so do not require bearings or drive shafts as do traditional encoders or other feedback devices. These fully sealed, encapsulated modular parts also provide durability advantages over fragile optical encoder technologies and so offer extremely long life, exceptional robustness and compact installation as well as cost-competitive pricing.

The designer and manufacturer also supplies other magnetic technology products including proximity sensors, speed sensors, angle sensors, gear tooth sensors, servo motor hall commutation sensors, magnet assemblies as well as a custom design services for specialised magnetic sensor applications. Phoenix America is one of the few magnet manufactures outside of Asia using their own developed compounds, internally designed and manufactured tooling and custom magnetizing processes.

Phoenix America become the sixth business in the Variohm Holdings Group of Companies which is part of the LSE-listed discoverIE Group plc (LSE: DSCV). The ISO 9001-2015 designer and manufacturer joins Variohm EuroSensor (sensor and transducer supplier and manufacturer), Herga Technology (switching and sensing solutions), Ixthus Instrumentation (specialist measurement systems), Heason Technology (motion control components and systems) and Positek Limited (specialised linear and rotary voltage displacement sensor technologies).

The Variohm Group’s managing director, Graham Pattison, is very excited with this latest acquisition. “Phoenix America is a well-established technology leader in the USA market, providing a real foothold for marketing and supporting the Group’s products ‘across the pond’, whilst our UK and German sales teams, with their in-depth knowledge of sensors, measurement systems and motion controls are thrilled to have a new and very market-driven product range on board. Scott Mentzer, COO of Phoenix America comments, “The acquisition and the synergy of Group’s product range substantially boosts our offer to existing and new customers in the USA, and with the support of the Variohm Group’s European sales and applications engineering capability, will provide the potential for our future global growth.”

For additional information on Phoenix please visit - https://www.phoenixamerica.com/

Article published on: 22/10/2020

Article last updated on: 22/10/2020