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Kollmorgen announce obsolescence of Servostar 400 Series servo drives

Kollmorgen, the global motion component and systems manufacturer, has announced the discontinuation of all variants of its S400 Series servo drive product line.

Although this digital multi-axis motion control system has been successfully implemented in a wide variety of applications for many years, it has become more and more uneconomical to manufacture. Orders will be accepted up to June 30th 2020, with deliveries continuing until 30th June 2021 - beyond this time remaining stocks can be supplied on request but only for a limited time.

As a longstanding UK distribution partner with Kollmorgen, and as a systems integrator and manufacturer of precision servo actuators, positioning systems and motion control solutions, Heason Technology can manage final S400 Series orders as well as migration to alternative, more advanced and cost effective Kollmorgen product lines.

As a replacement for existing S400 users and for new applications, Kollmorgen recommends its next-generation AKD® Series that features a wide and flexible choice of power levels, communications interfacing, advanced system features and industry leading performance.

For complete information on ordering and replacement of Kollmorgen S400 servo drives, or for your next motion control and automation project, please call +44 (0)1403 792 300, email or visit

Article published on: 08/06/2020

Article last updated on: 08/06/2020