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IP65 slip rings for flow wrapping machines offer long working life and minimal maintenance

SVTS B series slip ring assemblies from Servotecnica offer machine builders a continuously rotating electrical joint with a working life that can extend to 100 million revolutions at high speeds. The range is aimed at demanding industrial applications in high throughput production machinery where gold alloy multi-fibre brushes and precious metal rings in IP65 fully sealed ABS/aluminium/stainless steel housings ensure the highly reliable transfer of electrical power and instrumentation signals through rotating structures. A variant, the 70 mm diameter SVTS B 03, is particularly aimed at transferring power to the rotating heat-sealing blades in flow wrapping machines as well as handling temperature signal output to the machine controller.  Available with full sales and technical support from Heason Technology, Servotecnica’s UK distribution partner, this variant is equipped with three 400V/20 A circuits as well as two 240V/2A signal circuits. Its 22 mm diameter through-hole allows direct mounting on the drive shaft of the rotating blade via four M3 set screws. Available in two versions that facilitate machine washdown use: fully housed and IP65 sealed or part-housed for IP65 when installed - both feature sealed cable gland electrical connection with lower power and customer specified number of slip ring ‘ways’ available.

Servotecnica’s SVTS fibre bundle technology has lower friction and provides exceptionally longer life when compared to the traditional wear-prone carbon brush designs used by other manufacturers. The multi-fibre bundles require no lubricants and produce only negligible debris which significantly reduces the need for routine servicing or frequent brush replacement. High-precision stainless steel support bearings also help ensure long working life and a specified nominal speed capability of 400 rpm enables use on high-throughput machinery. Other benefits include improved signal quality as the (up-to ten) individual gold-alloy strand brushes ensure multiple point contact with the slip ring as well as a much higher capacity for handling high transient loads in addition to better resistance to shock and vibration. Other versions of the SVTS -B series have faston-type male terminal connectors where sealing is not required. 

Servotecnica’s considerable range of slip rings and rotary joints include standard and customised models with specifiable multiple channels for power and signal transmission as well as Ethernet, radio, fibre optic and fluidic transfer – available as housed or part housed, explosion proof, highly ruggedised, open type, and pancake slip ring assemblies. As well as packaging machinery and industrial manufacturing plant, other industries served include wind turbine, crane & hoist, process control, medical and pharmaceutical production machinery, amusement equipment, machine tools and more.

Heason Technology is on hand to add machine customisation using Servotecnica’s slip ring assemblies. As a systems integrator with its own in-house design and production facilities and distribution partnerships with selected global automation component suppliers, Heason also supplies and supports motion control equipment from component level to complete systems including stepper and servo motors and drives, motion hardware and software, gear units, linear bearings, mechanical positioning mechanics and more.  For further information on Servotecnica and Heason Technology visit www.heason.com, call +44 (0) 1403 792 300 or email sales@heason.com.

Article published on: 16/02/2023

Article last updated on: 16/02/2023