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Press Release

Heason Technology at DSEI 12th- 15th September 2017 - ExCel -London, Stand S3-102

Following a very successful DSEI Show appearance in 2015, Heason Technology - the leading UK motion control supplier and systems integrator - will once again demonstrate its capability for the design and build of customised motion systems through working demos and a selection of motion components from its distribution partners.

New for 2017 is a production example of a high-performance pan & tilt positioner which is custom-designed for applications such as line of sight/beyond line of sight secure communications, but could be adapted for positioning other types of loads such as required for range finding or target tracking. The highly accurate azimuth/elevation positioner was developed for a leading UK global security and military communications sector system integrator.

The 270 Nm peak-torque capacity assembly, housed in a robust IP67- rated cast aluminium enclosure for harsh environment installation, will suit both fixed and mobile use. A compact dual-axis micro-stepping/zero backlash gearbox drive arrangement includes rotary joints that allows RF and other electrical services to pass through the complete assembly, with full 360⁰ rotary travel for the azimuth axis and +/- 95⁰ for elevation. Closed-loop position control through absolute encoders and high bandwidth communication, ensures arc-second repeatability and high speed angular positioning performance with instant power-on, so there is no need for set-up or datum routines. Heason’s application engineers at the show will be pleased to discuss how the modular design of the platform is adaptable and scalable for smaller/larger payloads.

Visitors to stand S3-102 can also see a selection of precision mechanics, motion controls and software motion components from Heason Technology’s distribution partners: 

Direct-drive piezo-ceramic motor technology from Nanomotion built into positioning stages has the ability, for instance, for use as autofocus stages for target acquisition or aperture control devices on military instruments. Nanomotion’s ceramic motor technology leads the way in miniature nanometre precision positioning with extreme acceleration characteristics as well as durability for heavy shock and vibration, high temperature, vacuum and non-magnetic use.

Illustration 1: Nanomotion miniature autofocus stage

Ultra-compact servo drives and motion controls from Elmo Motion Control have the highest available power-density in the market and use the latest in EtherCAT networking technology for high speed multi-axis synchronisation. These are extensively used in demanding applications where space and weight is at a premium.

Illustration 3: Elmo’s Gold range of servo drives and motion controls

Spinea high precision zero-backlash reduction gear units provide high-torque capacity with extreme axial and radial rigidity in very compact designs for limited installation space as well as low weight. They are typically built into precision rotary actuators complete with servo drives and feedback encoders using Heason’s specialised design capability.

Illustration 4: Heason designed actuator with Spinea gear unit 

The Zettlex IncOder® is a unique inductive sensor technology which perfectly matches Heason’s design and build philosophy. Used to measure absolute position or speed accurately in harsh environments, the lightweight and robust non-contact rotary position sensors do not require bearings and have no delicate parts.

Illustration 5: Zettlex IncOder®

Linear actuators, linear units and precision mechanics from Thomson are used extensively for Heason’s custom-designed systems. With industrial and precision grade products to choose from, applications range from simple pick & place and materials handling to very high accuracy/high speed use in multi-axis positioning systems.

Illustration 6: The Thomson Electrak® heavy-duty actuator

The Servotecnica range of slip ring assemblies and rotary joints allow the transmission of power, electrical, video and RF signals etc. from rotary to stationary platforms and vice-versa - and as such play an important role in some of Heason’s machine designs. These are available as separate slip ring and brush block components or complete assemblies, IP rated and with the integral durability to match arduous environments.

Illustration 7: Servotecnica slip ring assembly

Heason Technology’s technical team will be on stand S3-102 to discuss and demonstrate component level motion solutions or complete multi –axis motion systems from a product range that spans components and systems from a select group of globally recognised distribution partners. These products blend with Heason’s unique in-house capability for motion system design, integration and build. 

Article published on: 17/08/2017

Article last updated on: 17/08/2017