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Press Release

Electric actuators for high duty-cycle positioning tasks: Thomson’s Electrak® LL series linear actuators available from Heason Technology

Recently announced by Thomson Industries Inc., and available in the UK from an authorised distributor, Heason Technology, the new Electrak® LL actuator series builds upon the well-proven Thomson Electrak range with a high-performance and high-efficiency brushless motor and integral electronics that eliminate the need for standalone control. The IP66 harsh environment rated actuator perfectly suits mobile battery-powered end-to-end positioning tasks, especially where high duty-cycle use prevails. As a compelling and cost-effective alternative to fluid-power cylinders, the Electrak LL series impresses for positioning and lifting applications used on mobile machinery, door, gate and hatch controls, pick & place and materials handling equipment. The Electrak LL complies to the railway standards EN 50155, EN 60077 and EN 4554.

The new Electrak LL series covers two models with dynamic load ratings of 4 and 6 kN respectively. Both have a static load rating of up to 18 kN and offer 100 to 500 mm stroke in ordering increments of 50 mm. The long-life ball-screw and nut assembly have a load locking feature and a holding brake to prevent back-driving. With a nominal 24 V DC input voltage with a generous supply variation tolerance, the Electrak LL has a constant speed regardless of the actual load so predictable machine performance is achievable. Those speeds are 30 mm/s for the 4 kN version and 15 mm/s for the or 6 kN. The end-to-end position for each axis may be triggered by separate extend and retract inputs within the stroke, or with adjustable end of stroke limit switches facilitated with controlled braking thus ensuring repeatable operation and protection for both connected equipment and the actuator. Other controls and safety features built into the onboard control electronics include current monitoring that isolates the supply on overload, replicating a mechanical clutch. The actuator is also equipped with voltage and temperature monitoring as well as load trip point calibration.

The robust and durable Electrak LL is housed in a high corrosion protected aluminium and polycarbonate casing, designed for washdown, and including UV-resistant surface treatment. All external hardware fittings and a wide selection of optional front and rear actuator interfacing adapters are in stainless steel. As with Thomson Industries’ Electrak HD series demanding environment actuators, the new LL is particularly suitable for pneumatic and hydraulic-to-electric application conversions.

The Electrak LL’s high-efficiency brushless drive system suits battery-powered applications whilst the full load duty cycle is specified at 35% - that’s 10 to 20% higher than for other comparable electric linear actuators. At reduced loads, the duty cycle can match 100%. Maintenance-free life is specified at up to 600 km actuator travel. Detailed life vs. load calculations can be assessed by Heason Technology engineers and a comprehensive sales brochure including all specifications, options and accessories for the Electrak LL is available on request.

Heason Technology supplies and supports a wide range of linear motion components from Thomson Industries and other leading motion equipment suppliers. With its own in-house design and system integration capability, the motion specialist offers everything from single components as stepper and servo motors, intelligent drives, motion controls and positioning mechanics, to fully automated systems that include bespoke mechanics complete with drive electronics and automation control software. 

Article published on: 16/04/2021

Article last updated on: 16/04/2021