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Big servo drives for big tasks: Kollmorgen AKD® servo drive range expanded to 48A continuous current

The recently launched 48A continuous current versions of Kollmorgen's AKD and AKD-BASIC® servo drives are available from its UK Gold-Partner Heason Technology.

Through seamless integration with the Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ and high performance Kollmorgen servo motors, the advanced AKD-series Ethernet-based servo drives now cover continuous output power up to 32 kW in a range of single and three-phase models - offering flexible and expandable large-scale automation system for high precision and high throughput multi-axis motion and machine control. Similar high power performance is available with the Kollmorgen AKD-BASIC® variant which offers integrated machine and motion control for 1 to 5 axes. With BASIC programming and all the control functions located within the drive, there is no need for a separate PLC for many applications - facilitating faster time to market and reducing wiring and space.

AKD and AKD BASIC servo drives feature high-bandwidth torque and velocity loops, and the fastest digital current loop in the market. Industry-leading power density for the range means that cabinet size and floor area can be reduced – especially on large machines. The drives are easy to set-up. Plug and play compatibility with Kollmorgen servo motors and advanced wizard-based autotuning and programming through the Kollmorgen WorkBench GUI makes commissioning straightforward. The 48A continuous current versions have a global standard three-phase supply and have peak current ratings to 96A RMS.

The versatile AKD servo drive supports a wide choice of Ethernet protocols including EtherCAT®, EtherNet/IP and PROFINET as well as TCP/IP Ethernet service channel for fast data acquisition. CANopen interfacing is also available and feedback compatibility is assured with practically all available incremental and absolute device types covered. Furthermore, a large selection of option cards for I/O expansion, memory storage and processing power are available.

The AKD-BASIC programmable servo drive has been designed to provide motion on each axis without the need for an external PLC or motion control system. With BASIC programming taken care of with the Kollmorgen WorkBench, the intelligent drive supports advanced motion through CAMs, electronic gearbox, complex motion profiles with S-curves plus conditional statements, maths functions and more. An expanded I/O version is available for applications that require increased machine control functions.

The higher power versions of the AKD and AKD-BASIC expand the potential for larger customised motion systems offered by Heason Technology, in particular for demanding applications in packaging & converting, food & beverage processing, material forming and high-specification automation systems across industry and research. By combining bespoke mechanics and positioning systems with motion components and control systems from world-class manufacturers such as Kollmorgen, Heason provides a complete in-house design and build systems integration service. Heason Technology represents Kollmorgen in the UK as a Gold-Partner within the global motion specialists Premier Partner program which ensures an advanced level of technical and commercial support. 

About Heason Technology

The Slinfold - West Sussex based motion specialist combines its own manufacturing and design & build systems integration expertise with motion products, components and systems from a small but select group of globally recognised distribution partners. Heason Technology’s comprehensive range includes servo and stepper motors with associated drives and motion controls; linear and rotary positioning mechanics; linear and rotary encoders; ceramic servo motors and positioning stages; high precision gearboxes; rotary actuators and slip ring assemblies. Customised system solutions include automated motion axes, specialised position controls and bespoke positioning mechanics.

Article published on: 26/04/2016

Article last updated on: 26/04/2016