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Automation for high-hygiene machinery: Kollmorgen's ERD Series IP69K Linear Actuator

Available from Heason Technology, Kollmorgen's ERD series stainless steel linear actuators combine the well proven AKMH series servo motors with long life ballscrew driven transmissions as IP69K-rated fully housed packages that are ready-to-install in food produce or pharmaceutical machinery and other high-hygiene applications.

Compatible with AKD or AKD-N series centralised and decentralised servo drives, ERD actuators benefit from the motion control innovator’s single-cable technology – a single cable for power and feedback which offers substantially less cabling and installation work. A choice of encoder feedback includes digital resolver SFD3 and Hiperface DSL. The 316 stainless steel housed AKMH series servo motor has a torque derating of under 20% which, when compared to typical competitive stainless motor thermal performance at around 30%, offers better servo performance.

Aimed at precision positioning tasks such as lifting units, closing or feed axes, or for machine format adjustments, the actuators are available with inline or reverse (parallel) motor mount configurations. A choice of four AKMH servo motors (74 mm to 132 mm diameter), allows the ERD a thrust force of up to 20 kN with feed speeds to over 1 m/sec over a stroke length of up to 600 mm. For compact and convenient installation the actuator screw sections are available with a threaded nose mount with jam nut (available at ERD15 and ERD20) or with a threaded rod end (male threads ERD15 M12, ERD20 M16; female threads ERD25 M20, ERD30 M27).

The ERD’s all stainless steel construction and IP69K rated protection facilitates easy and rapid cleaning with no need for additional protective housings, which are cumbersome necessities on many high-hygiene automation machines. With faster cleaning possible, and use even where high pressure and high temperature cycles are called for, the smooth surfaces of the actuator avoid dirt and bacteria build-up. Using the hygient actuator variant (option HYG1) the unit conforms to the USDA, 3A, NSF requirements in sizes ERD25 and ERD30.

For installation flexibility a wide choice of mounting versions include foot, flange, trunnion and clevis pin, with the actuator rod supplied with internal or external threads and an optional support bracket. A pressure compensation feature prevents condensation from forming inside the motor.

Heason Technology provides full support for Kollmorgen’s new ERD series actuators and its full line of motion components and systems with a GOLD Partnership agreement within the global manufacturer’s Premier Partner programme. Heason’s in-house design and build system integration service combines such components as part of bespoke integrated motion systems for high precision positioning and automation applications across industry and research. Further information is available at Heason Technology’s website at http://www.heason.com .

About Heason Technology

The Slinfold - West Sussex based motion specialist combines its own manufacturing and design & build systems integration expertise with motion products, components and systems from a small but select group of globally recognised distribution partners. Heason Technology’s comprehensive range includes servo and stepper motors with associated drives and motion controls; linear and rotary positioning mechanics; linear and rotary encoders; ceramic servo motors and positioning stages; high precision gearboxes; rotary actuators and slip ring assemblies. Customised system solutions include automated motion axes, specialised position controls and bespoke positioning mechanics.

Article published on: 16/06/2016

Article last updated on: 16/06/2016