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ABBs New MotiFlex e180 Three-Phase Servo Drives with Universal Ethernet Capability

Slinfold, UK April 2015: ABB's new MotiFlex E180 series high-power servo drives are available in the UK from Heason Technology.

Combining flexible Ethernet capability, multiple feedback support and integrated STO safety, the versatile range includes nine new drives for linear and rotary servos or induction motors offering continuous power output to 90A and peak output to 120A. The e180 is easily adapted as part of a centralised control system or, with its built in advanced MINT motion programing capability, as a single axis intelligent stand-alone controller. With such application flexibility the e180 offers OEMs and machine builders a compelling high performance servo drive solution that will benefit applications for continuous and heavy-duty motion control and machinery drive tasks in demanding industries such as metal cutting/forming, textiles, plastics and packaging.

The cabinet mounted MotiFlex E180 builds upon the success and upgrades the full range  capability of ABB’s E100 and E150 series drives and motion controls. Four frame sizes cover nine drive-stage power ratings up to 120 A peak – each offering four individually selectable continuous/peak output level and time combinations that maximises available torque for dynamic acceleration. With up to 300 percent of rms current available for peak overload, this feature ensures increased productivity by means of faster cycle times as well as optimising drive performance for extended lifecycle and maximum reliability applications..

Allowing straightforward adaptation to a wide range of automation system architectures, the e180’s universal Ethernet communications capability extends to configurable EtherCAT and POWERLINK for real-time connectivity in addition to Modbus TCP, Ethernet/IP, or RAW Ethernet based systems. Drive feedback options are equally adaptable with dual-encoder support covering several different serial encoders (EnDat, SSI, BISS, SmartAbs and Hiperface) as well as full support for resolvers and incremental encoders. A single power and feedback cable solution is available for Hiperface DSL encoders offering reduced cabling costs and commissioning times.

With integrated dual channel support for Safe Torque Off (STO), the e180 meets the SIL2 PLe European machinery directive which eliminates the need to remove AC power from the machine under critical safety conditions for most applications, maximising machine uptime. On board IO includes six digital inputs, four digital outputs, two analogue inputs and one analogue output which may be configured in software for over-travel limits, pushbuttons or other machine functions. Also included are two high speed 1-microsecond fast inputs to capture position for advanced synchronisation in applications such as flying shear and product registration.

The MotiFlex e180’s extensive integrated functionality and software-selectable Ethernet communications capability allows these high performance servo drives to be employed in many different control system architectures with PLC or PAC controllers as well as ABB’s own NextMove e100 controllers. The built-in intelligence can provide local functionality and motion profiling that reduces the burden on the central controller. Alternately the e180 can be used as a stand-alone single axis motion controller utilising ABB’s MINT motion programming language to perform complex motion control tasks.

Heason Technology represents a select number of leading global manufacturing partners, providing a comprehensive range of first-class motion control components that are combined with a full in-house design-and-build service for complete motion system solutions.

Article published on: 21/04/2015