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Windy500 - Today we have mainly been worried about the car

Today we left Munster at 9am, stopping for a cheeky burger at about 11am.

On starting the car there was a noisy grumble that disappeared when I dipped the clutch. My first thought was the clutch release bearing so I ignored it and carried on blasting down the Autobahn until the lunch stop. Upon slowing down the noise was back even when the clutch was pressed!

Pulling in to town the grumble was getting worse. After our lunch stop we pulled back out on the Autobahn and found that gearbox is relatively quit in 4th gear must be low on oil.

So, today, we have covered over 400 miles and ended up in Hobro in Denmark.  At the camp site we jacked up the car, removed the exhaust and gearbox bracket and then tried to remove the filler plug. No matter how many times I turned the bolt it refused to unwind just not my day!  However, using a chisel, tyre lever, screw driver and some mole grips I eventually got the stripped filler plug out.

Luckily I had 1 litre of gearbox oil in, followed by a litre of engine oil in for good measure. We re fitted the filler plug wrapped in string and jollup that Steve had!

Gearbox still grumbles but hopefully it will hold out for the wiggly roads!

Oh and camping isnt fun.  Perhaps I have just bought a cheap tent but still, having to walk over 300 yards to use the loo just not like a hotel!!

And before H&S get excited there are 2 axle stands under the chassis safety first and all that!

– John –

Article published on: 16/06/2014

Article last updated on: 16/06/2014