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Windy500 - Norway, it's ace!

Starting the day in Hobro Denmark we had to wait to be let out of the campsite? Perhaps it's a Danish thing!

e were on a tight schedule to meet a 9am ferry so we had to leave at 7am (when the gate opened).

We drove all the way to the ferry in 4th gear and it seems to be OK.  The ferry was a bargain, only about 30 Euros for a 4 hour crossing and it was very nice.
Arriving in a little port along the south coast of Norway, to the left of Oslo, we headed inland.

Driving in 4th gear is OK except to pull away from junctions but luckily there were only about 4 

We got to the camp and relaxed with a drink or two. Today we have some wiggly roads and Pulpit rock, I will keep you posted.

– John –

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Article published on: 17/06/2014

Article last updated on: 17/06/2014