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Windy500 - Copenhagen

Leaving the camp site we all planned to meet at 2:00pm at the Malmo end of the bridge that joins Sweden to Denmark.

We headed off down the E06 / E20, making good time, and arrived in Malmo at 12:00. We headed generally into the city centre but the traffic was chaotic and we drove past the old fort / castle and ended up in a park overlooking the bridge.  After a pleasant lunch we headed to the bridge.

As we approached the toll booths there did not look like there were any stopping spaces but at the last minute we saw the stretched limo and pulled over.

All the other teams rolled in with Steve in the van being the last !    After an impromptu picture we were off in convoy over the bridge (to allow us to buy a group of 10 tickets at discount price)

Once we had passed over the bridge we all entered Copenhagen and that’s when the fun started!  On the main road everyone started peeling off in different directions and as we weaved our way across town we kept passing teams going in the opposite direction.  It was just like the Whacky Racers crossing over at every junction.  The sat-nav sent us down a residential street so we were not at the camp site.  Retracing our route we meet up with more teams who were lost.  Looking at the map I had downloaded and setting the nearest road in the sat nav we all eventually made it to the site.

Tonight we are all off into the centre of Copenhagen for a meal and to watch some fireworks!

– John –

Article published on: 25/06/2014

Article last updated on: 25/06/2014