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Windy500 - Bergen City

We all went out for some food in Bergen, mainly because it has started to rain and a BBQ in the rain does not do it for me.

So we caught a bus to the tram terminal then a tram into town.

On the return trip to the camp site the tram dropped us off at the terminal  2 mins after the bus left.  Rather than wait an hour in the rain for the next bus a taxi was the order of the day!

So tonight is a different matter as it is our first night of actual rain!!!!   Until now I have either slept with my feet out the tent or jammed inside it touching a few of the edges.  That was fine when it was cold, but raining and a single skin tent, I don’t think so!

Tonight I will be mainly sleeping in the Lotus;  this camping is not all it’s cracked up to be!

Tomorrow we are aiming for Flam to see a pretty railway, another wiggly road, the longest car tunnel and a waterfall. I will keep you posted.

– John –

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Article published on: 18/06/2014

Article last updated on: 18/06/2014