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Windy500 - Atlantic Highway

Having driven back from the Arctic Circle and rested in a camping stop, it was 3am when we set off again.

We drove down through Trondheim and out towards Kristiansund via the E39.  We caught the 09:00 ferry from Halsa and passed through another tunnel to get out on the Atlantic Highway.

It was an amazing road but would have been even better if it was not raining!  All the windswept granite and foliage clinging to the cracks reminded me of Nova Scotia in Canada.

Passing through Molde we headed down to Oppdal where we are staying the night in a quiet little camp site.  The owner of the site said the weather is the worst for over a hundred years and it should be hot and sunny now!  Fingers crossed it improves!

– John –

Article published on: 23/06/2014

Article last updated on: 23/06/2014