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Renewable Energy

As renewable energy becomes increasingly important, Heason Technology is able to provide an important ‘enabling’ role in developing technologies for both manufacturing OEMs and research organisations involved in alternative and renewable power generation.

With our comprehensive range of motion control components from world-class distribution partners and exceptional in-house motion system design and integration expertise, we aim to deliver cost-effective system solutions with excellent customer support and fast delivery timescales.

Applications to date have included customised miniature multi-axis positioning systems for a portable LIDAR based laser scanner system used for determining optimum sites for wind farms. We have also played a significant co-engineering role in an alternative vertical wind turbine where a multi-axis EtherCAT synchronised servo motion system takes care of blade positioning.

In addition we support and supply a comprehensive range of slip ring assemblies, available as individual ring and brush block components or as packaged units. Widely used for wind turbine applications for transmission of electrical power and signals these devices and available as standard components or customised to exactly suit customer’s requirements

Renewable Energy