Naval Gun Mount Servo Motors

Heason Technology designed and developed a pair of custom servo motors for this demanding application which called for a 100 percent form, fit and function replacement for an existing, but obsolete, design. The servo motors are an integral part of actuators that are deployed on the forward deck on modern naval vessels and subjected to extreme environments.

Heason Technology’s motion engineering experts set about the project to re-design the permanent magnet servo motor system from first principles, working closely with manufacturing partners across Europe to produce a new and improved mechanical, electrical and magnetic arrangement. 

Employing epoxy encapsulation for both wiring and rotor laminations and a rare-earth stator magnet together with an application customised housing, the final product delivers high torque and acceleration performance. The package is completed with a custom wound ultra-low ripple tacho-generator and a failsafe electro-magnetic holding brake.

In service the motors have proved to have excellent reliability and continue to provide the high performancedemanded for the application. 

Heason Technology provides the design, manufacture, assembly and full load, full duty-cycle testing of each pair of motors prior to delivery to the end customer for immediate and seamless integration into the final product.

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