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FB100 Stage from NanomotionFB100 Stage from Nanomotion

The FB100 Series Linear Stages have a width of 100mm, and are offered with travel options of 60mm, 100mm, 150mm travel, with a choice of either Nanomotion’s HR4 or HR8 motors.


The FB100 Series stages offer compact stage design with low profile, direct drive motor with simple, robust construction, a linear encoder mounted in the center for optimum positioning, easy configuration to multi-axis, and a wide range of travels and motor sizes.


  • Width: 100mm
  • Motor Options: HR4 or HR8
  • Standard Travels:60mm, 100mm, 150mm (option for 300mm travel length)
  • Standard Encoder: 0.1μm resolution
  • Optional Encoder Resolutions: 1μm, 0.5μm, 50nm, 10nm
  • Optional limitsand home sensor
  • Available Mountings: X/Y, X/Z using angle bracket, X/Y/Z using angle bracket


  • Straightness and Flatness: 2.5μm/25mm travel
  • Maximum Load Capacity (in kg):10 (60mm travel);12 (100mm travel); 12 (150mm travel
  • Driving Force (in N):16 (with HR4 motor);30 (with HR8 motor)
  • Static Holding Force (in N):12 (with HR4 motor);25 (with HR8 motor)

Position Repeatability:

  • ±0.5μm with standard 0.1μm encoder
  • ±50nm with optional10nm encoder
  • ±200nm with optional50nm encoder
  • ±2μm withoptional 0.5μm encoder
  • ±3μm withoptional 1.0μm encoder

Dynamic Stall Force (in N):

  • 60mm travel with HR4 motor: 16N
  • 60mm travel with HR8 motor: 32N
  • 100mm travel with HR4 motor:16N
  • 100mm travel with HR8 motor:32N
  • 150mm travel with HR8 motor: 32N

Stage Mass (g):

  • 60mm travel with HR4 motor:1580g
  • 60mm travel with HR8 motor:1690g
  • 100mm travel with HR4 motor: 2040g
  • 100mm travel with HR8 motor:2145g
  • 150mm travel with HR8 motor: 2625g

Moving Mass (g):

  • 60mm travel with HR4 motor:690g
  • 60mm travel with HR8 motor:700g
  • 100mm travel with HR4 motor:920g
  • 100mm travel with HR8 motor:930g
  • 150mm travel with HR8 motor: 1160g


PDF User Guide -> FB100 Stage User Guide

PDF Brochure - > Nanomotion Product Catalogue


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FB100 Stage from Nanomotion

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