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HR4 Motor from NanomotionHR4 Motor from Nanomotion

The HR4 motors are high precision ceramic motors. The motors combine unlimited stroke with high resolution in compact dimensions.


Among its applications are microscopy, precision motion, robotics, etc. The motors provide a linear response to the input voltage. The operation of the motor and driver resembles that of a DC-motor driven by a voltage amplifier. The HR4-V and HR4-U motors are constructed of materials that have been selected and designed for high vacuum compatibility.


  • Maximum Allowable Velocity: 250 [mm/sec]
  • Dynamic Stall Force:15 to 18[N]
  • Static Holding Force:14 [N] (reference value)
  • Non-Energized Stiffness:2.3 to 2.8[N/µ]
  • Nominal Preload on Stage:72 [N]
  • Kf:2 to4 [N/Volt command] - Driver and command dependant
  • Kfv:60 to72 [N · sec/m]
  • Offset:1 to 2 [V]- Driver dependant
  • Attainable Resolution:Better than 100 nm
  • Nominal Lifetime:20,000 hours under nominal operating conditions


  • Maximal Voltage:270Vrms, 39.6KHz, sine wave
  • Maximal Current Consumption:320mA rms
  • Maximal Power Consumption:15W
  • Ambient Temperature:0 - 50°C
  • Storage:-40°C - +70°C
  • Humidity:0 - 80% non condensing
  • Vacuum level (high-vacuum motors): 10-7 Torr (guaranteed only after baking)
  • Vacuum level (ultra-high-vacuum motors): 10- 10 Torr (guaranteed only after baking)
  • MaximalBaking Temperature (vacuum motors):120ºC (140ºC for ultra high vacuum motor)
  • Length:42mm
  • Width:46.6mm
  • Height:15mm
  • Weight:73gr


PDF User Manual -> HR4 Motor User Manual

PDF Datasheet - > HR4 Motor Datasheet

PDF Brochure -> Nanomotion Product Catalogue


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HR4 Motor from Nanomotion

Manufacturer: Nanomotion | Category: Business & Industrial | Author: Heason Technology | Product Code: HR4 Motor

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