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Founded in 1994, Spinea specilises in the development, manufacturing and sales of high-precision reduction gears, which are sold under the trademark TwinSpin. 

TwinSpin high precision reduction gears are serially manufactured based on the grant of international patent. High precision reduction gear TwinSpin belongs to a category of HI-tech products and represents unique technical solution integrating radial-axial bearings with high precision reduction gear into a one compact unit.

Spinea products are suitable for applications requiring high reduction-gear ratio, high kinematic precision, zero-backlash motion, high torque capacity, high rigidity, compact design in a limited installation space as well as low weight. 

They are widely used in an automation, robotics, machine tool manufacturing, surveillance and medical system applications.

Heason Technology are a distributor of Spinea reduction gears in the UK.

Website: www.spinea.sk

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