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Overspeed Governor Test RigOverspeed Governor Test Rig

Leading manufacturer of safety devices for the lift industry, Atwell International Ltd, required a test platform for British Standard qualification for it’s VG Overspeed Governor. To achieve this they worked in conjunction with Heason Technology to produce a turn-key solution for their requirement.

As a motion system integrator Heason were able not only to provide suitable motion components but the ability to design and build the framework, the relevant mechanical interfaces, manufacture the electrical enclosure and also write and programme the motion software.

The platform is designed to accommodate straight forward mounting of the Overspeed Governor to couple to the rotary actuator and the linear actuator to run the Governor at the required speed in order to simulate the lift falling and deploy the safety mechanism.

The whole system is controlled via a Baldor NextMove motion controller. The result is then documented and recorded for British Standards certification.

Key Features include:

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Overspeed Governor Test Rig

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