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Slip Rings are just one of the product categories we can offer here at Heason Technology. Our Slip Rings are available as either standard or custom. They are also known as Rotary Joints and are suitable for power transmission and electrical signals.

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Benefits of Slip Rings

Many of our Slip Rings offer compact designs making them suitable for applications where space is restricted. Some of the other benefits of our slip rings are;

  • Cost effective
  • Reliable
  • High quality
  • Long lifetime
  • Many sizes available

Desirable features

As well as the above benefits, some of our Slip Rings have their own individual features – if you are looking for a slip ring with any of the below qualities make sure you contact us and we will find the right product for you.

  • IP65 protection
  • Water Resistant to IP67 standard
  • Suitable for extreme environments
  • Compliant to CO and/or ROHS
  • Mountable of the shaft
  • Flat design

Industries for Slip Rings

Slip Rings are used across many industries – you may have use for them in the following;

  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Oil and Gas
  • Water Treatment
  • Medical and pharmaceutical

Slip Ring Applications

Within the above industries, slip rings are used for a vast range of applications. We have listed some examples below.

  • Fillings machines
  • Video systems
  • Moving head projectors
  • Capping machines
  • Converting machines
  • Automatic machines
  • Control systems
  • Hose and cable reels
  • Machine tools
  • Wind turbines
  • Flow Pack Machines
  • Rotating Tables
  • Medical systems
  • Packaging
  • RF Systems
  • Optical heads
  • Printing machines
  • Process control
  • Bottle labelling machines
  • Robots
  • CCTV Systems
  • Rotary tables

Slip Rings from Heason Technology

All of our Slip Rings are from Servotecnica who have over 30 years’ experience in motion control. Take a look at our suppliers page for more information on Servotecnica. If you require more information on the individual products click on the links above to access data sheets and specifications. You can also contact us for more information.


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