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Tambourine Power Supply

Tambourine Power Supply

Elmo Motion Control’s compact and direct-to-mains Tambourine Power Supply has been designed for multiple servo drives. The power supply rectifies AC input voltage (up to 3 x 528 VAC) into filtered DC voltage, with a continuous output current of 20A (40A peak). The Tambourine complements servo drives from Elmo Motion Control that do not include an integrated power supply.

Key features of the Tambourine Power Supply include:

  • High capacitance to offer a low output voltage drop while operating from a single phase source.
  • Regenerating braking capability that allows fast braking when there is high inertia.
  • Built-in inrush current limiters that limit the power-on currents to low levels and reducing turn-on stress from the mains.

Other options are availabe, including the Tambourine-100. They are Elmo’s smart, powerful, high-current-power supply designed to power multiple servo drives. The Tambourine-100 rectifies AC input voltage of up to 3x528VAC into filtered DC voltage with output current of 100A continuous and 200A peak.

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